Although the attic is out of sight, it plays an important role in your home’s energy efficiency, indoor air quality, and even the integrity of your roof. It is important to keep it in good condition. There are five types of work that keep attics in nice condition and save money by preventing later expensive repairs down the line. NYC Handyman believes in a one-call solution where one simple call schedules an appointment and delivers a worry-free and safe experience provided by our professional.

Attic Services

  • Attic Stairs & Attic Door Installation

    The attic is not an easy room to access. If you are tired of taking out the ladder, talk to NYC Handyman about installing drop down stairs so that you can easily use your attic space for storage and other more things. Our home improvement professionals can also install new attic doors or repair unsightly attic doors altogether.

  • Attic Insulation

    We check insulation quality and level, make recommendations and install many kinds of insulation to keep you up to code and in the pink when the weather turns cold or hot. We don’t want your heater and air conditioner to work overtime if they don’t have to.

  • Mold Prevention

    Your attic’s ceiling and your roof are one and the same. If your attic has holes and cracks, then moisture from the outside will create mold, mildew and wood rot. Preventative maintenance and addressing early signs of trouble results in cost saving.

  • Structural Integrity

    If there are any signs of leaking, such as water damage high on walls or stains on your ceiling, we inspect attic areas for water damage and replace lumber quickly as possible professionally, preventing the need for costly roof repairs. NYC Handyman home improvement professionals can also install hurricane ties/straps/clips on all roof trusses that attached to the wall frame in order to prevent lift from the roof in extreme wind events.

  • Vent Cleaning & Attic Fan Installation

    Clean attic and roof vents allow air to flow through the attic, and similarly, attic fans help attic circulation, your air fresh, keeping your attic dry and your home cool in the summer heat.

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