Your basement could be an incredible opportunity to add more storage space to your home or create an extra room for entertainment. You make a vision and we can help bring it to life. Whether you require help building a custom storage unit or assembling an entertainment center, NYC Handyman has the experience to get the job done right-no matter how big or small it may be.

Basement Services

  • Basement Remodel And Renovation

    Your basement needs much more than extra added storage space and shelving before it is considered a finished living space. NYC Handyman can complete any number of projects – drywall installation, flooring, etc. – to help turn your basement into the extra play room or media room that you’ve always wanted – and desperately need!

  • Custom Shelving & Showcase

    If your basement seems incomplete, think about adding custom shelves. Custom shelving not only gives you extra space to store items and display photos, but it also gives your basement an elegant finished look and feels. Contact NYC Handyman about installing custom shelving and other custom carpentry projects to make your basement comfortable living space.

  • Entertainment Center Assembly

    Store-bought entertainment centers can be cumbersome and difficult to put together. NYC Handyman professionals are experts at assembling all types of furniture and fixtures. And if you just need a hand in mounting your TV on the basement wall, we can do that, too.

  • Sump Pump Replacemet

    A sump pump is the best way to prevent your basement from flooding. If your submersible or pedestal sump pump has stopped working, NYC Handyman can help install a replacement. However, plumbing services are subject to state and local licensing and may not be available in all locations.

  • Handrail & Stairs Installation

    Give your basement a safe and inviting entryway. Whether you want to simply add a safety rail or replace a steep staircase, NYC Handyman can do. All of our home improvement professionals have experience installing, repairing and replacing staircases throughout the home. We’re also experienced with installing under-stair storage space.

  • TV Wall Mount

    You want to create extra space by mounting your existing TV on the wall. Whatever the situation, you’ll want to assure that you mount the television according to your specifications. You can trust NYC Handyman to mount your flat screen television safely and securely—exactly how you want it.

  • Water Heater Insulation

    Households can save 25-30% on energy bills by implementing simple home improvements. NYC Handyman can insulate your hot water heater to save anywhere from 4-9% in water heating costs.

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