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elbe river facts

Updates? Elbe River. Dikes begin there and continue as far as the confluence of the Mulde. The Kiel Canal runs from the mouth of the Elbe to the Baltic Sea, and the Elbe–Lübeck Canal, starting at Lauenburg, also runs to the Baltic, following an older (14th-century) canal. Without the Elbe river, Hamburg wouldn’t be the economic power it is today. Elbe kan verwijzen naar: . Subscribe to my mailing list for updates beyond the blog! The Elbe is formed by the confluence of numerous headwater streams in the Krkonoše Mountains a few miles from the Polish-Czech frontier. Above Hamburg—which the Elbe transverses in two arms, the Norder Elbe and the Süder Elbe—the floodplain is eight miles wide but narrows to four miles between the sandy geest of Schleswig-Holstein and the Lüneburg Heath. Cruising along the Elbe River is generally between Prague and Berlin. However, during storms the water may rise much higher, occasionally even flooding parts of the city. The northern and eastern regions were molded by southward-moving ice sheets in the last (Weichsel, or Vistula) glaciation. Halle is on the Saale, just below the confluence of the Weisse Elster; Leipzig lies at the confluence of the Pleisse and the Weisse Elster. Prague is on the Vltava (German: Moldau), which is one of the main tributaries of the Elbe. Its length is 724 miles yet it flows only through the Czech Republic and Eastern Germany. navigation. Although there are dams on the upper Elbe in the Czech Republic and at Geesthacht, Ger., and large dams have been built on the Vltava and on the Saale in the Thuringian Forest, these are not sufficient to control the water level of the Elbe. One of the things it is perhaps best known for is its sheer elegance, having been at the heart of the Romantic Movement, and various important movements linking to culture and sophistication over the ages. The average tide at Hamburg is about eight feet. Today it is the largest inland harbour of eastern Germany. Nr. In the 13th century it was a flourishing commercial city and an important member of the Hanseatic League. In eastern Germany it serves the river ports of Magdeburg, Schönebeck, Aken, Dessau, Torgau, Riesa, and Dresden, carrying bituminous coal, lignite, coke, metal, potash, grain, and piece goods. By means of the Elbe and its connecting waterways, vessels from Hamburg can navigate to Berlin, the central and southern sections of eastern Germany, and the Czech Republic. There are a few not to be missed sights in Prague, including the Charles Bridge, the Old Town Square, the castle, St Vitus Cathedral, the astronomical clock, the Municipal House, Petrin Park, Josefov, the National Theater and Vysehrad. The basin of the Elbe has been settled since prehistoric times. While the Wall has been down for many years now, there are still many remnants of this part of history. Another ancient city on the Elbe is Magdeburg, which in the early 9th century was a trading post on the border between the Germans and the Slavs. The main rivers from Germany that flow into the Elbe are the Ohre, the Schwarze Elseter, the Mulde, the Havel and the Saale. The sixth river flows into the Elbe in the … Insights greet you at every bend as you explore majestic Berlin and Prague, delve into Wittenberg’s religious history and contrast the delicacy of Meissen porcelain with the rocky brawn of Saxon Switzerland. Tour the Elbe Sandstone Mountains in Saxon Switzerland National Park, eastern Germany. About the Elbe River One of Central Europe’s most important waterways, the Elbe River rises at an elevation of about 5,000 feet in the northwestern Czech Republic. Elbe River, one of the major waterways of central Europe. …division marked approximately by the Elbe valley. The Elbe, Oder, and Vistula river basins and their drainage network. It runs from the Czech Republic through Germany to the North Sea, flowing generally to the northwest. From the end of the war until 1990, the river formed part of the demarcation between East and West Germany. During the 18th century Dresden developed into a great centre of the fine arts, known as “Florence on the Elbe.” Its beautiful architecture, almost completely destroyed during World War II, has been partially rebuilt. It runs from the Czech Republic through Germany to the North Sea, flowing generally to the northwest. Omissions? When embarking on an Elbe river cruise, you will make frequent stops along some of the most important and interesting towns and cities on its banks. Elbe (ĕl`bə), Czech Labe, a major river of central Europe, c.725 mi (1,170 km) long, rising in the Krknoše Mts., NW Czech Republic, and traversing NW Czech Republic in a wide arc. Germany’s second largest river, the Elbe, has been transformed from a polluted waterway to a crystal-clear body of water fit for swimming. Perhaps you yourself will be able to create the next great work of art. In the Czech Republic, you will also make numerous stops. The lower course of the Elbe is tidal as far as the dam at Geesthacht, above Hamburg, where the river flow periodically reverses its direction. In fact, it has been 174 years since royal assent was given for paddle-steamers to operate on the […] Filed Under: Sightseeing Tagged With: elbe cruise , elbe dresden , elbe river , elbe river cruise , paddle steamer cruises , paddle steamers , sachsische dampfschiffahrts , saxony travel The river rises on the southern side of the Krkonoše (Giant) Mountains near the border of the Czech Republic and Poland. Together with Lübeck, Hamburg established the Hanseatic League in 1241. , search. European seaports - Hamburg, Bremerhaven, R otterdam, and Antwerp for the Czech Republi c. Germany has built water bridges on the Elbe river which allows ships to cross the river. Articles from Britannica Encyclopedias for elementary and high school students. It flows south and west, forming a wide arc for about 225 miles in the Czech Republic to its confluence with the Vltava at Mělník and is joined 18 miles downstream by the Ohře. Naturally dynamic channels and side arms The sixth river flows into the Elbe in the Czech Republic, which is the Vltave River. In World War II a point on the Elbe near Torgau was the meeting place of the U.S. and Soviet armies. For the remainder of its course it flows through Germany. The Elbe flows through a gorge for most of the this stretch. Owing to the prevailing current conditions in the Elbe River, sediment had accumulated in the Mühlenberger Loch over the decades. Kies een andere datum. Its total length is 1,094 kilometres (680 mi). The estuary proper of the Elbe (Unterelbe) extends from Hamburg to Cuxhaven, a distance of about 55 miles. These left-bank tributaries rise in the Ore Mountains or the Thuringian Forest and form the drainage basin of the middle Elbe, with its geographic foci in Halle and Leipzig. The other chief city of the Elbe is Dresden, founded about 1200. The main rivers from Germany that flow into the Elbe are the Ohre, the Schwarze Elseter, the Mulde, the Havel and the Saale. Read next: 14 interesting facts about fashion’s biggest brands. Ring in the new year with a Britannica Membership,, International Commission for the Protection of Elbe River - The Elbe, Elbe River - Student Encyclopedia (Ages 11 and up). Nicknamed the "Balcony of Europe," Brühl's Terrace is located some ten meters above the shore of the Elbe River. Above Hamburg the Elbe splits into two branches; these rejoin farther downstream, and the river then broadens into its estuary, the mouth of which is at Cuxhaven, where it flows into the North Sea. The square is bordered by ancient beautiful gabled houses. Er zijn helaas geen tours en activiteiten beschikbaar om online te boeken op de data die u heeft geselecteerd. 7 van 11 dingen om te doen in Decin. Below Magdeburg the Elbe receives most of its water from its right bank. At Cuxhaven, it flows into the Wadden Sea, which is … Johanisova reports that cargo shipping on the Czech section of the Elbe River has fallen from 9.5 million tons per annum in 1989 to just 0.2 million tons. The Elbe-Saale line has played a significant role in the history of the north European lowland. Some Facts about the Elbe River. Be on the lookout for your Britannica newsletter to get trusted stories delivered right to your inbox. Another canal connects the lower Elbe with Bremerhaven on the Weser River. | Privacy Policy, Hiking in Florida.. On his statue, he is accompanied by Melanchthon, his disciple. The Elbe is one of the major rivers of Central Europe. It is fed by a number of small streams, the most important being the White Elbe. 1-5 Interesting Facts About Rivers. Other articles where Elbe Bridge is discussed: Matthäus Daniel Pöppelmann: …Augustus Bridge (1727–31; now the Elbe Bridge) is considered among the most beautiful bridges in Europe. It has been a river of great social and political influence throughout the ages. The Elbe-Trave Canal leads to the Baltic Sea port of Lübeck, and the Kiel Canal links the river to Kiel, Germany’s former naval port on the Baltic. The river traverses much of Germany in a northwesterly direction on its way to the North Sea. The Elbe River ( Czech: Labe listen ( info • help), Sorbian: Łobjo, Polish: Łaba, German: Elbe) is one of the major waterways of central Europe. Some will depart in Prague, making their way to Berlin, and others take the opposite journey. The Mittelland Canal, a short distance below Magdeburg, runs westward about 200 miles to the Dortmund–Ems Canal, carrying barges of up to 1,000 tons to the German industrial cities of Osnabrück, Hannover, Salzgitter, Hildesheim, Peine, and Wolfsburg and connecting with the Weser and Rhine rivers. The Elbe is one of Europe’s major rivers. Berlin is one of these cities, which is a fascinating city as the division between East and West Berlin is still clearly visible. Before you visit, here are some facts you might not know about the city and its people, and the attractions and world-class shopping to be found there. 3. The flow of water in the Elbe varies considerably with the amount of precipitation and thawing in its drainage basin. According to DEME, this will allow ships to sail the River Elbe with a draught of 13.5m, compared to 12.5m at present, and not be restricted by the … The northward-flowing Oder (with its tributary, the Neisse) passes through the northeastern part of the country and a small section of Poland before emptying into the Baltic Sea.…, …the three great rivers, the Elbe, Oder, and Weser, were linked by canal for commercial and political reasons, including the bypassing of tolls charged by the numerous states and petty principalities of the Holy Roman Empire. So many people have found their inspiration here, creating wonderful works of art and music. Haar grootste zijrivieren zijn de Moldau en de Saale. Elbe River Hamburg - Comprehensive travel guide of Elbe River in Hamburg, Explore Location, Opening Closing Timings, How to reach, Entrance Fees, Opening Closing Days & Hours, Images of Elbe River Hamburg, Germany at ixigo trip planner It varies in width from one to two miles, but much of it is occupied by mud flats and sandbanks. Get a Britannica Premium subscription and gain access to exclusive content. From Dessau to Magdeburg the floodplain widens, and dikes have been constructed continuously down to the sea. At approximately 100 km from the North Sea, the Elbe has been the city’s gateway to the world, at least since the days of the Hanseatic League.It’s safe to say Hamburg owes its multicultural vibe and worldly character to this mighty river. 1. fact lexicon with terms going straight to the point. Our editors will review what you’ve submitted and determine whether to revise the article. The south or left bank is low and marshy and the river has sandbanks; the right bank is steep below Hamburg, but farther downstream there are marshes, diked and drained, that are intensively cultivated. Other stops will include Dresden, Saxon Switzerland, Meissen, Torgau, Wittenbeg and Tangermunde. Furthermore, at the southwest of the square, you will be able to see Lucas Cranach the Elder’s home, where he lived between 1505 and 1547. The main channel is buoyed and dredged. The total length of the Elbe is 724 miles (1,165 km), of which roughly one-third flows through the Czech Republic and two-thirds through Germany. Let us know if you have suggestions to improve this article (requires login). It then makes a wide arc across Bohemia (northwestern Czech Republic) and enters eastern Germany about 25 miles (40 km) southeast of Dresden. Elbe River (Elbe) -- one of the major rivers of Central Europe. De Elbe (verouderd: Elve, Tsjechisch: Labe) is met een lengte van 1164 kilometer en een stroomgebied van 144.000 km² een van de belangrijkste rivieren van Midden-Europa. Although Hamburg lies far upstream from the mouth of the Elbe, it is one of the largest seaports in Europe; a six-line railway tunnel and a multilane road tunnel under the Elbe there are important links in trans-European traffic flows. The Elbe Habitat Foundation enhances the river landscape 2010 the Elbe Habitat Foundation was established to enhance the ecological status of the Tidal Elbe, preserve the natural diversity and strengthen the unique habitats of the river landscape. Today it is Germany’s second largest city, surpassed only by Berlin. It marked the 8th-century limit of Charlemagne’s conquests. The Tidal Elbe is the 148 km stretch of the Elbe before it flows into the North Sea. De Elbe ontspringt in het Reuzengebergte en mondt uit in de Noordzee. 18 beoordelingen. Between Dresden and Magdeburg the Elbe receives many long tributaries, of which all except the Schwarze Elster are left-bank streams. Elbe River in central Europe. Author of. Wateren. It then cuts to the northwest through the picturesque Elbe Sandstone Mountains, and, in a gorge four miles long, it enters Germany. Now, let me list a few more fact about rivers that you all should know, 1. Insights greet you at every bend as you explore majestic Berlin and Prague, delve into Wittenberg’s religious history and contrast the delicacy of Meissen porcelain with the rocky brawn of Saxon Switzerland. These great variations sometimes hinder navigation. 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