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'The camera became the eyes of whomever's experience we were recording,’ Director of Photography Matt Leonetti, ASC notes. Mobile site. 7 ) Strange Days (1995) Review Website Ranks: Rotten Tomatoes Critic: 7 ... IMDB User Review Score: 4 Letterboxd User Score: 2 Set in the year 1999 during the last days of the old millennium, the movie tells the story of Lenny Nero, an ex-cop who now deals with data-discs containing recorded memories and emotions. TMDb Their enterprise, a boutique net design studio known as Cactuslab, developed apps and web sites for varied purchasers, however they needed a challenge of their very own that their crew might … We chat about the script and the vast amounts of expository dialogue and how clunky Cameron can often be when writing scripts. Strange Days; Get Shorty; … Pujara is […] Just great all the way through. such a fantastic movie i love the animation is good looks better than most cartoons these days. 07 Strange Days 1995 film ★ ★ ★ ☆ ☆ September 2020. I'm your shrink. Very fun tho. Get Shorty (1995) Rotten Tomatoes® 86%. who worked hard to create — pioneer, really — the stunning work done on the POV shots throughout the film. strange days waterworld specimen the city of lost children the second coming apollo 13 virtuosity neon genesis evangelion: death and rebirth macross plus species screamers hackers mortal kombat the langoliers village of the damned memories. Ghost in the Shell (1995) Rotten Tomatoes® 95%. IMDb Gordo uses Letterboxd to share film reviews and lists. RIGHT CLICK IMAGE, SAVE LINK AS TO DOWNLOAD THE EPISODE… OV276 - Us - Extended Potpourri: Apollo 11, Queer Eye, Fifty Shades Freed, Fantastic Beasts 2, and Strange Days Recorded March 13, 2019 (for the most part): This week, Tiny and I review Jordan Peele’s new movie, Us. This is far from a perfect film, James Cameron and Jay Cocks script not only has some really awful oneliners but…, One of the biggest problems I have with cinematic time travel is even more basic than predestination issues or other such paradoxes. Follow Adam and Brent on www.letterboxd.com at ‘Relativistic’ and ‘Binary1138’ respectively! Lisa Picotte Kylie Ireland Dru Berrymore Stefan Arngrim Agustin Rodriguez Honey Labrador, Steven-Charles Jaffe James Cameron Rae Sanchini Lawrence Kasanoff, Kara Lindstrom Gregory P. Alcus Tommy Samona Kai Blomberg Kenneth Sayers Doug Sieck, Mat Beck Mike Chambers Patrick Shearn Leslie Huntley Janek Sirrs James Lima, Gary Rydstrom Richard Beggs Gloria S. Borders Tom Johnson Tim Holland Phil Benson Lora Hirschberg Frank E. Eulner, Michael F. Blake Linda Grimes Michael Germain, Lightstorm Entertainment 20th Century Fox, 奇日, 21世纪的前一天, Estranhos Prazeres, Días extraños, Dziwne dni, 145 mins   One day he receives a disc which contains the memories of a murderer … This movie was made in 1995, set in 1999, centered around MiniDisc technology, and eerily prescient about some key aspects of life in 2015. after reading this wild description, ("In 1999 virtual reality tapes are black-market goods and Ralph Fiennes and Angela Bassett try to solve a murder,") i was definitely not expecting a socially-relevant epic explicitly denouncing the evils of police brutality .. what a fool i was. The Speakeasy; Three of a Kind; Shorts; Strange Days December 28, 2012 "I'm your priest. Kathryn Bigelow is better than anyone in the history of film when it comes to shooting action sequences. © Letterboxd Limited. It remains by far her most ambitious movie, putting on the blender so many at the moment anxities (the Rodney King tape, the approaching millenium, gangsta rap, virtual reality and the way then arriving social media changes how relationships and images are experienced) and making them ready to be carnivalized through some inspired forceful filmmaking. Strange Days (1995) Rotten Tomatoes® 63%. Matthew uses Letterboxd to share film reviews and lists. The Next Reel Film Podcast is a funny and informative show in which hosts discuss one movie at length, from its origins to its performance and everything in between. Trainspotting (1996) Rotten Tomatoes® 89%. November 3, 2020 | ... Letterboxd. Movies rule, movies for everyone, movies … La película del efecto 2000, puro cyberpunk y neo noir. today it came to Disney + so i wacthed it there ... Brandon Gomez’s review published on Letterboxd: such a fantastic movie i love the animation is good looks better than most cartoons these days. September 16, 2020 | Nathaniel Thompson | 0. :), Gave me a great idea for mine and Jake’s Halloween costumes, "The issue's not whether you're paranoid, Lenny. Made by fans in Auckland, New Zealand. I love the leading lady and how she ends up winning the movie. It wasn't *bad* in the "Snakes on a Plane" or "Sharknado" sense, it was just very middling and uninspired. Step Three: GET WEIRD! I'm about to say something fairly inflammatory, but rather than get up in arms about it, just think carefully about it and you'll realize I'm right. ), the analog production design (physical media, how quaint) but all that gets pushed aside for Bigelow's incredible, confident realization of both the accurately predicted nominal state of near-chaos and the truly cathartic optimism at the film's core. It’s a bit of a disappointment returning to it for us, but we have a great time talking about it. Enjoy!!! ETA: This list is getting long so I moved sections…, I’ve enjoyed many of these films because they’ve provided me with a variety of portrayals and images of black men…, Fight Professor 1,052 films 2,833 13 Edit, The film noir genre generally refers to mystery and crime dramas produced from the early 1940s to the late 1950s.…, Jens Åge Jakobsen 5,164 films 1,609 17 Edit, Does it take you an hour to pick a movie? Favorites: Certified Copy (2010), Akira (1988), The Cook, the Thief, His Wife & Her Lover (1989), The Meetings of Anna (1978). Last updated: September 16, 2020. Also another reminder, Angela Bassett, goddamn, Kathryn Bigelow 1995 cyberpunk state of the nation address. It absolutely rules that I can decide on a whim to turn off YouTube and watch a stone cold classic with the click of two buttons. Boobibob uses Letterboxd to share film reviews and lists. Amazing sets, ideas, and characters. Watch These Films and Take a Trip Through the Space-Time Continuum. horror films, heist…, A very rough list of eccentric cerebral films - films that are consisted of many wonderful imaginative ideas and creations,…, OB-GYN Kenobi 3,841 films 7,785 115 Edit, Step One: Go to www.random.org. 1996 moebius independence day alien terminator star trek: first contact tykho moon rubber’s lover adrenalin: fear the rush the arrival mystery science theater … Also some New Years…, Darren Carver-Balsiger 380 films 10,125 550 Edit, Movies made by auteur directors with a very arthouse sensibility, that happen to be genre movies (e.g. it's disappointing that the best justice we can imagine against police brutality is that they get caught by the cops. * *Nobody cares if you don't think…, My friend Pedro is doing a poll of 90s films early next year and I try to organized a very…. This was great and exciting and funky and goddamn Angela Basset of course but I didn't even know I was attracted to Ralph Feinnes until I saw the trailer. She can do car chases, fight scenes, shootouts... hell, she made an entire film built around bomb disposal and it was one of the most arresting action films ever made. The idea that recorded evidence of police murder would change everything seems naive now. Strange Days may be considered a flop compared to the likes of The Hurt Locker or Zero Dark Thirty, but it's…, Lil Uzi Vertigo (yknow like hitchcock and i think they shoot uzis in this? The movie also stars Juliet Lewis, Michael Wincott and Tom Sizemore. 0 0 Wednesday, January 13, 2021 Edit this post Early last decade, Matthew Buchanan and Karl von Randow, web designers based in Auckland, New Zealand, were seeking a passion project. Gabbeh (1996) Rotten Tomatoes® 90%. Strange Days. September 16, 2020 | Nathaniel Thompson | 0. ), just as a movie this is literally perfect & still my fav katti biggz but i have to admit i liked it more on vhs as a pac/bdp-obsessed (krs not depalma)(tho its like 80% steadicam) teen who still thought bigelow was on we the people's side. 1,692 films watched. I love fiction movies. Letterboxd Watchlist; Flickchart Top 100; APPFM Breakdown; More. "In 1999 virtual reality tapes are black-market goods and Ralph Fiennes and Angela Bassett try to solve a murder,", Official Top 250 Narrative Feature Films by Women Directors. 944. Strange Days (1995) Rotten Tomatoes® 63%. A fun watch! The way this slightly futuristic tech is woven into the seedy underbelly of this world seems wholly believable, as do the things people would do for and with it. Ive been waiting 3 years to wacth it. Strange Days is a phenomenal yet gripping film from Kathryn Bigelow. Bigelow's futuristic neo-noir reminds me of Blade Runner at times, and the themes of racism and abuse of power seem hauntingly prevalent in these times when White Supremacists in Charlottesville, Virginia can cause carnage on the streets, police officers can shoot and kill without impunity, and Government Officials can turn a blind eye to anything they want to. The chicks are bored so what can the guys do to liven up the mood? The City of Lost Children (1995) Rotten Tomatoes® 78%. Strange Days. Lenny investigates and is pulled deeper and deeper in a whirl of blackmail, murder and rape. Y sale Ralph Fiennes con melena, Peter Stanley 1,235 films 44,617 1360 Edit, All the films from all the editions, including those subsequently removed, presently totalling 1235. These are the movies that somebody somewhere believes are worth watching (for a variety of reasons). ... Kathryn Bigelow's Strange Days is one of those nineties modern classics that was ignored by almost everyone. on a side note, i love my murder-solving parents angela bassett and ralph fiennes , Kathryn Bigelow's Strange Days is one of those nineties modern classics that was ignored by almost everyone. To a lot of folks it must feel painfully naive, especially at the end, but: not many dystopian sci-fi neo-noirs are about moral imperative, people choosing to do better, zeroing the counter. 190 films watched. This is by far the most interesting thing I've seen from Kathryn Bigelow, and I'm bummed it flopped because I would have loved to see her continue exploring strange worlds. Bio: Matthew is the owner and creator of www.FlickersintheDark.com. ... Report this review; will … 1197. 945. Not cool! Favorites: Strange Days (1995), eXistenZ (1999), The Matrix (1999), Hackers (1995). Few films released in the nineties had such a subversive subtext, intriguing concept, and dark satire running through the script like a freight train. Ralph Fiennes Angela Bassett Tom Sizemore Juliette Lewis Kelly Hu Vincent D'Onofrio William Fichtner Michael Wincott Glenn Plummer Brigitte Bako Richard Edson Josef Sommer Joe Urla Michael Jace Brandon Hammond James Acheson Louise LeCavalier David Carrera Jim Ishida Todd Graff Ted Haler Rio Hackford Brook Susan Parker Dex Elliott Sanders David Packer Paulo Tocha Art Chudabala Ray Chang Chris Douridas It's not just that she so great at filming action, it's that she's great at shooting every conceivable sort of action setpiece. Jodie Foster - ck]Home for the Holidays, Little Man Tateck] Kathryn Bigelow - ck]Near Dark, Strange Days, K-19: The Widowmaker, The Hurt Lockerck] Sophia Copppola - ck]The Virgin Suicides, Lost in Translationck] Penny Marshall - ck]Big, Awakenings, A League of Their Ownck] Jane Campion - ck]The Pianock] Lina Wertmuller - ck]Swept Away, Seven Beautiesck] Barbara Striesand - ck]Yentlck] Julie … When the movie ends, our conversation begins. It is two days since Cheteshwar Pujara scored his slowest-ever half-century – off 176 balls – and his strike rate of 28.41 drew criticism from commentators, pundits and fans alike. Despite this movie being 25 years old, it still feels extremely current, like this future is still just a few years ahead of us. We discuss the performances, particularly Ralph Fiennes, Angela Bassett, Tom Sizemore, Vincent D’Onofrio and William Fichtner, and whether they were used effectively or not. I love love Christmas and Christmas movies!! Favorites: The Thing (1982), Lawrence of Arabia (1962), Pan's Labyrinth (2006), Vertigo (1958). With the help of a female bodyguard and a private investigator, Lenny … Letterboxd — Your life in film. The guys talk about what they’ve been up to, comparisons between Wilderpeople and Waititi’s ‘Boy’, a ‘Sam Neill’ corner, and what they’ve been watching in quarantine! 1995 This movie blatantly asks you to suspend your disbelief about how fake Tom Sizemore’s hair looks - after all, it’s vaguely sci fi so you’re bound to see some kooky hair! Confidential (1997), Whiplash (2014). The weather at the Sydney Cricket Ground is nice and bright.

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