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euro nymphing rod

Now you might say a 3 weight is not enough rod for nymphing heavy flies, dealing with wind, etc. Fly rod blanks designed for euro nymphing generally have an aggressive taper. Regular price $459.99 View. Want to buy a finished rod instead? With a fighting butt, the rod extends further onto your forearm and carries some of the weight that would otherwise be on your rod hand. To stay stealthy, many fly rod blanks built for euro nymphing are unfinished or have a matte finish to reduce light flare. However if you prefer a softer general purpose fly rod, you may also find yourself preferring these softer euro sticks as well. We recommend light, medium-action rods that have reactive tips to allow anglers to feel a strike. A longer rod gives you more reach; allowing you to cast further and control your drift more effectively even across multiple currents in the river (for more details have a look at this article by Tactical Fly Fisher and/or TFO Fly Rods). Fly rod blanks designed for euro nymphing generally have an aggressive taper. Here's how. December 17, 2020 By: Spencer Durrant. The butt diameter of a 3wt euro nymphing rod vs. a 5wt general purpose rod. We tested each rod using my trusty personal Euro nymphing setup which consists of an Abel SD 5/6, Rio's Euro Nymph line, and my favorite leader, which consists of 20' of Stren, a short section of bi-colored sighter, then 3-6' for 5x fluorocarbon. Placement refers to where on the fly rod blank the guides are attached. {"cat":["fly-rods","gear"],"type":"article","format":"default"}. Guideline LPS Euro Nymphing fly rod review The new Guideline LPS Euro Nymphing fly rod range are mid-priced rods aimed at French, Czech and Polish nymph fishing on rivers. Fighting butts aid in proper rod/reel balance as they add weight to the rear-end of the rod. The best way to find out is to look at the data and compare the different references available on the market. If Euro nymphing is your game, the Shadow X is THE rod. Today most general purpose fly rods come with up-locking reel seats. A  fly rod at least 10′ in length, generally with medium – fast action and a delicate enough tip section to protect thin tippet that’s common with tight-line techniques. For Trout, river position while Euro Nymphing can be in various places, but an ideal situation is as follows. In the Mystic lineup, we would suggest our M-Series rod in a 10’ 3” 3-weight. Pair a tungsten bead with fluorocarbon tippet and your nymphs will cut through water columns. 6) Too short fly fishing rod - of course, you can learn modern nymph with your usual equipment, but generally, for Euro nymphing, the longer rod (10 feet or more) is the best with softer action that allows better casting of the flies with the French leader. With a euro nymphing rod/reel setup, you ideally want the setup to balance nicely in top portion the cork grip where you comfortably hold the rod. Rods for Euro nymphing There are two good reasons that Euro nymphing rods are generally rated for really light fly lines (typically in the AFTM #2 to #3 range). Sometimes this means your (long) euro rod will be hanging out over the water, possibly close to your target, or above targets that you don’t even see. Your email address will not be published. To balance the longer rods it is recommendable to use a slightly heavier reel than you would use for dry fly … So what is important is the torque of the set up, which is roughly the distance from the balance point of the rod and reel to the elbow, or shoulder, times by the total weight of the rod, reel and line. Using different reels on my ESN rod, I measured the balance point and calculated the torque for each reel. Echo Shadow X Rod // Euro Nymph Rod. I like to take things slower you say. As a general rule of thumb, 10′ is about the minimal length to look for a rod well suited for tight-line techniques. Typically the best Euro Nymph anglers come out of France, Spain, Italy and Czech. This can be a factor when fishing at distances over 30 feet and on larger fish. the down locking reel seat and adjustable weight system allow me to balance the rod perfectly with a moderate weight reel, which is usually a problem for most 10′ rods. Some euro nymphing specific fly rods place the lowest stripping guide closer to the grip. Today I fish a couple 8’ish Sage LL’s and my favorite 3100 ESN. This balance is achieved by adding weight to rear-end of the rod; a heavier reel, or even counter weights that attach to the butt of the rod. The advantage when we test rods in an objective way without any interests behind is that the data are irrefutable. Snake style fly line guides have 2 feet and require 2 sets of wraps and epoxy, Single foot fly line guides only require 1 set of wraps and epoxy. Required fields are marked *. Recommended Euro Nymphing Fly Rods. Check out the post of euro nymphing rod manufacturers. They need to load properly when casting a French leader (much lighter than standard fly line) The photos below illustrates some of the effects a finish of a fly rod has on light flare. Euro Nymphing is a technique that can expand on a river or streams fishable sections because of the approach. The Echo Carbon XL is the standard medium-fast action euro nymphing rod. My son wrangling a healthy little bow on an 11′ euro stick. Euro Nymphing Rod and Line. Some euro nymphing rods may actually have a butt diameter equivalent of +2wt or more, with a tip section equivalent to -1wt or more. Taper is how the diameter of the rod blank changes as you progress up/down the rod and is directly related to the rod’s action. This was the first affordable rod to hit the market during the Euro nymphing craze and a lot of people like it. Not in a reading mood and just want the quick and dirty summary? These fly rods are typically stiffer up to about the 2/3 point on the blank and then become quiet supple. {"pos":"top","cat":["fly-rods","gear"],"type":"article","format":"default"}. While any weight rod can be used for tight-line techniques, most euro nymphing specific rods range from 1wt – 4wt, with 3wt being one of the more common used today. While longer rods 10-13 feet certainly enhance Euro nymphing, you can do the technique with any rod, just by changing up your leader to a multi-colored, longer leader and your flies to weightier jig-style. In addition, some anglers believe that fighting butts allow the weight of the rod to better distribute up your forearm when “high sticking”. So now I use a very light, home made reel seat of only 9g, 0.3oz, and the wychwood R&S reel, that with the ESN line weighs only 65g (2.3 oz). The ideal rod for fly fishing on rivers and streams in Europe is one of two: Hanak Competition Czech Nymph 4in1 or Hends GPX 2in1 - both in AFTMA 3. This action allows your cast to turn over quickly (loading the rod even with lightweight rigs), while at the same time protecting thin tippet that’s common when using tight-line techniques. With a rod this exceptional at that price point, it’s hard to spend top-dollar on such a niche-specific stick, unless you plan to dedicate most of your angling time to Euro nymphing. It might be hard to believe, but even an inch or less of offset can make difference in balance, allowing you to use a lighter reel with a down-locking reel seat. Up-locking reel seats push the reel weight up into the cork grip, Down-locking reel seats push the reel weight down towards to butt-end. Taper is how the diameter of the rod blank changes as you progress up/down the rod and is directly related to the rod’s action. Winston Super 10 Euro Nymph: If you are a true fly rod connoisseur, you will not find a better-appointed rod for Euro nymphing. Fly rod blank flare of unfinished vs. glossy paint, A fly rod blank with paint stripped and glossy fly line guide epoxy. Originating in Europe, “Euro-Nymphing” or “Czech-Nymphing” has grown in popularity stateside and throughout the world. What you have to remember is the only part of these rods that is actually a 3 weight is in the tip section. Some euro rods even go as far as to use satin varnish or buff off the shine on epoxy used over the wraps of the fly rod guides. There is no comparison between the feel of a rod designed for Euro Nymphing and one that is more of a general-purpose rod. What do you think will happen if a fish sees a highly visible, flashy rod over its head; it very well may spook off or stop feeding. Can I use my existing fly rod to euro nymph? To make matters even more interesting; every fly angler has their own preference and style, so no one fly rod is the perfect fit for everyone, even with euro nymphing techniques. For this reason, single foot guides in darker colors are well suited for euro rods. In this very detailed and educational video, host Tom Rosenbauer is instructed by George Daniel on the essentials of Euro Nymphing. While this is certainly true, it also can be a limiting factor in the application of your fly rod. A list of manufacturers that build fly rods catering to euro nymphing techniques. The fly rod is a 3 weight that can SWITCH between a delicate 9 foot dry fly machine to a 11′ 3″ Nymphing rod for tumbling nymphs through holes and runs. While you can definitely Euro nymph on shorter, heavier rods (I managed it on an 8’6”5wt once) you’ll have the best luck with a long, light rod. ... previous posting about achieving a balance point with with your rod/reel combination because when I purchased my first Euro nymphing rod I was motivated to do so. Fast or slow, which way do I go? One of the more popular guides used on high end rods today for this application are RECoil single foot guides, that weigh a fraction of many other single foot guides on the market. All reel seats aren’t built equally. Not only are these single foot guides lighter weight than snake style guides (with 2 feet), but they also only require a single set of wraps and epoxy (ideally a thin coating) to finish, reducing the overall swing weight of the finished rod. Fly rods used for euro nymphing are typically a bit longer than a normal trout rod. If you really get into tight-line techniques, chances are you’ll become a ninja in stealthiness quite fast. Redington has finally made a rod specifically for euro nymphing. Grant Michaels, over at Fly Lords, put together a good overview of some of the best beginner, intermediate, and advanced Euro nymphing rods on the market. Why would I want to invest in a fly rod specifically for tight-line techniques? These seats push your reel forward towards the cork handle when tightened. When I first started nymphing, it was with an 8’ 3wt bamboo rod I made, using a 90year old medalist and the “mono rig” (sort of)….not as long as today’s leaders but very long back then. Unlike longer-line techniques, tight-line techniques often require you to get closer to the fish you’re targeting. To help illustrate the photo below shows the rear of a euro nymphing rod as compared to a general purpose fly rod. Down-locking reel seat to push your reel’s weight further towards the butt of the rod for greater offset of rod length (balance). Grant Michaels, over at Fly Lords, put together a good overview of some of the best beginner, intermediate, and advanced Euro nymphing rods on the market. Keiryu Euro Nymphing — Keiryu Rod Co. Euro style nymphing is a style of fly fishing that that can be generally characterized as using heavy weighted flies attached to long leaders, with the purpose of maintaining a tight line, enabling constant contact with fly and naturally drifting it through fast currents. Rigging your rod for Euro nymphing takes a few minutes, but once you’ve done it a half-dozen times you’ll be fine. Some folks advocate using less guides (wider placement between guides) on euro rods, under the assumption that the fly line won’t be traveling through the guides as much due to euro style casting. Stealthy color schemes often including unfinished or matte blanks in natural colors, less reflective hardware (tip-tip, guides, etc.) A review of the CTS Affinity X 2wt 11' as a euro nymphing rod. This aggressive taper achieves the rod action described earlier in this section; stiff 2/3 of the way up and supple in the upper 1/3 of the fly rod blank. Believe it or not, the fly line guides used on a rod can make a difference. Euro nymphing unweighted flies is easy when you add a split shot. Ultralight fly rod blank and hardware choices that reduce swing weight allowing the rod to better balance with a light reel. Longer is better, but only to a certain extent. In particular, the guides should be lightweight and stealthy. We carry Euro Nymphing rods from Echo, Hanak, Sage, Thomas & Thomas, and Syndicate. These are all common questions I see folks ask when getting into euro nymphing (tight-lining, contact nymphing, czech nymphing and the many other names the technique goes by). My go-to nymphing rod the past few years has been the TFO Drift Rod . As you can imagine, as the rod length grows, so does the amount of weight needed on the rear-end to properly balance the setup. You’re in luck; a newer breed of euro nymphing rods are being built these days using a softer action; mid-flex and even full-flex profiles. While this is fine and dandy, it doesn’t help counter-balance the rod/reel setup as much as a down-locking reel seat. As a true competition rod, it will throw dries with delicacy and roll cast an indicator a country mile. Some euro nymphing rods may actually have a butt diameter equivalent of +2wt or more, with a tip section equivalent to -1wt or more. While it is mainly used for euro nymphing it is also versatile enough to throw dries or nymphs with an indicator. The idea here is that the thin line often used with euro nymphing will sag less between the fly reel and the stripping guide keeping it closer to your rod hand. I have a 10 foot, 3wt Hydrogen “Euro” rod and it did well for me, but it did not get high ratings when tested with other rods built specifically as a Euro-nymphing rod. Does this mean you’re going to go from ground zero to a top ranked competitive angler overnight just by using a fly rod well suited for euro nymphing? Echo Shadow II Fly Rod // Euro, or Czech Style Nymphing Rods. The reasons are as follows: - The 2in1 (or 4in1) concept greatly expands the use of the fly rod, mainly for two basic fly fishing methods - dry fly fishing (rod in a shorter version) and Euro nymphing (rod in a longer version) If you rest your handle and reel seat tight against the forearm, the pivot point is no longer at the grip or wrist, but at the elbow or shoulder depending upon how far out you stretch. While the wishy-washy answer is “it depends on your preference“, many euro nymphing rods on the market today fall into the fast to medium/fast category. A very soft rod corresponds for many to the ideal euronymphing rod, but other anglers don’t consider them very pleasant. ADDITIONALLY it has the capability of becoming a 12′ 3″ trout spey. If you’re thinking “how can I wrangle 18+ inch fish on a 2wt or 3wt fly rod“, I can assure you that a true euro rod blank is not designed the same as a general purpose fly rod blank. For that reason, down-locking style reel seats are often best suited for euro rods. and darker wrap colors. Many euro nymphing rods on the market today range from 10′ – 12′, with the most common configurations in a 10′ or 10′ 6″ length. We've been doing it since 2003! Built specifically for European-style nymphing techniques, the STRIKE features an extra-sensitive tip section for superior strike sensitivity, while an elongated handle allows the angler to find the perfect balance point no matter what reel is used. Softer tip rods will cushion and protect thinner 6x and 7x tippets but are slower to set the hook when striking. Some euro specific built rods also place the lowest most stripping guide closer to handle than normal. As many of you know Redington did turn their Hydrogen rod into a Euro rod by extending it to a longer length (10 -11 foot models). Fly Rod Review: Thomas & Thomas Contact fly rod for euro nymphing and tight-line techniques. So how long is too long? Not only have you shared beautiful photos of your memories on the water, we have listened to your valuable feedback about the original. The most popular weight of Euro Style Nymphing Rod is a 3 weight. When combating wind or trying to land longer casts with these softer rods, often more power must be used. Just add a 250 grain skagit head with a sink tip and you can swing smaller streamers through those productive riffles. Have a look at the list below that summarizes these common characteristics. This effective approach gives weighted nymphs the chance to reach depths in which suspension rigs have a harder time reaching. A fighting butt helps counter-balance the rod and can aid in distributing the rod’s weight up your forearm. Understanding the action of a rod is very important when selecting tackle for Euro Nymphing. Size does matter, and rod length is perhaps one of the most important characteristics of a fly rod well suited for euro nymphing. An email will be sent to the address below containing a link to verify your email address. If you have any questions about Euro-nymphing, competitive angler Lance Egan likely has the answers. So you can feel pretty confident buying rods made by companies in these countries, as they will typically have their respective national teams involved in the design process. and can comfortably fish a lengthy setup for long periods of time. Video: How To Fish Woolly Buggers in Rivers, Announcing MIDCURRENT's "Inside the Box" Gear Unboxing Videos, Throwback Thursday: Minipi River Brook Trout, FFI Southwest Council Announces SoCal Saltwater Saturdays, Fishpond Releases "Fish for the Future" Video. I liken this more to the “toe dippers” method of exposure to this style of fishing. In addition, these softer rods often don’t dampen as quickly as a faster rod action, meaning it takes a little extra time to gain control over your drift when landing a cast. Winter is a great time to give this style of fishing a try, if you haven’t already. Fill in your email below to request a new password. This is really more of a preference than a rule. Some anglers have more endurance, better technique, etc. Regular price $289.99 View. However, if you’re just getting into the technique and/or plan to use it often, chances are a well suited fly rod will improve your effectiveness. Carbon fiber (graphite) is the ideal blank material. Guide placement can matter too. With a down-locking reel seat the reel is pushed towards to butt of the rod when tightened. Ready to make the plunge and get yourself a euro nymphing stick, but not sure where? The Epiphany - Euro Nymphing The Epiphany has been one of our most popular rods since we introduced it in 2017. This all adds up to additional fatigue. To send you out in the euro nymphing world better prepared to find the perfect euro stick for your style, this post aims to arm you with some basic characteristics commonly found in euro nymphing style rods. The rod is matte black with colorful lettering, they have oversized single foot black guides. When speaking of nymphing, and particularly tight line of euro-style nymphing, I like a light weight, 10′ rod. These closely placed stripping guides don’t lend themselves well to techniques that require feeding line during the cast; the short distance between the fly reel and the stripper isn’t wide enough to comfortably feed line with your non-rod hand. Maybe, but most likely not. Fly Rods designed for Czech and Euro nymphing. What weight and length fly rod is best for fishing euro nymphing techniques? A list of fly rod manufacturers that sell fly rod blanks and basic characteristics of…, How to fix mono line pull-through with a UV resin shim. While the euro rod shown here is rated at 3wt, you can see its blank diameter just above the handle is almost equivalent to the diameter of the general purpose fly rod that’s a 5wt. The rod gives you a great balance of power, action as well as keeping the price in a range that most can afford. Bottom stripping guide placed closer to handle to reduce line sag that can occur in limp-line applications (for example, a mono rig). Light flare is basically a flash that occurs when light rays reflect/refract off a shinny surface, and can happen when the sun reflects off the glossy paint on a fly rod. Decide for yourself. Sort by. Copyright © 2003 – 2021 MidCurrent LLC, All Rights Reserved. For the rest of us, generally rods longer than 11′ or 11′ 6″ become fatiguing when properly balanced due to weight of the setup. Totally serious! As a general guideline a rod for european nymphing should be around 9”6 to 11”. While I could certainly leave you with the vanilla “sure you can fish the technique with just about any rod” answer, the fact is, some fly rods are better suited for the technique than others. I found that the lightest reels had the lowest torque, hence the least amount of effort required to hold the rod out. Since I started Euro Nymphing August of 2019 I’ve discovered that having your hand anywhere other than the point of the fulcrum is exactly what you described. Your email address will not be published. If you prefer to roll your own rods, checkout the post of fly rod blank manufacturers and look for the Euro = yes in the Blank Selection column. And if you’re just using your long Euro-nymphing rod for, well, Euro-nymphing, you might be just scratching the surface. Does it really matter that much? Typically 2wt – 4wt rods are used for this style of fishing, but higher weight rods can get the job done at the expense of a stiffer tip section. While I don’t argue with this advice, I would caution to ensure placement is close enough to sustain rod flex for when fighting fish. They're stylish, well-made, lightweight and very good fun to use and make a great first rod if you're looking to get into river nymphing. I don't Euro (tight line) nymph that often and I am not familiar with all of the rods you mentioned (I've heard of them, just haven't fished with them), but based on what you're looking for--an all-around long rod that is capable of Euro nymphing--I would go with the Radian 1004 or the Sage X 4100. These softer rods can certainly get the job done when it comes to tight-line techniques, but they also suffer from the same limitations as softer general purpose fly rods do.

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