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morning after pill philippines mercury drug

Have to be much more careful next time. I thought its spotting due to pregnancy but I bravely took a home pregnancy test that same day and its negative naman. Hi Sarah here. Nag PT po ako kahapon.. negative naman po..Please answer me po thank you so much, Additional info to everyone:I recently purchased (and used) Nordette, but it now came in a new packaging and new manufacturer - Pfizer. i'm bit worried, i wasn't able to confirm my gynecologist again because she's out on her clinic. nakakapraning.. i made a research sa formulation ng nordette, it contains 30 mcg ETHINYL ESTRADIOL, 150 mcg LEVONORGESTREL and I found out na it has the same formulation with LADY PILLs ( byTRUST). HI Im kRisty,I just had sex OCt 15 but using withdrawal only. i just want to share my experience when i took nordette. There are no dedicated morning after pills in the Philippines, but you can use hormonal birth control as replacement emergency contraception instead. captainsweetheart.hi martina.medyo n duduwal lng,pero ok lng nman.dumating ung mens ko on time.eksato jan 4 nag k mens ako,aftr 7 days stop n sya.medyo mahina sa simula pero ok lng nman...i used trust pills n pink. I hope this helps. Sana datnan na rin ako as soon as possible. tama po ba? today i still dont have my period and i am feeling lower back pain, chest pain whenever i inhale deeply, i feel cramps and some of my joints are weak. Hi, kani-kanina lang nagtuloy na ang bleeding ko. of the 1st dose. is tha Nordette available in Davao City Mercury Drugs?? Am I right??? 2. And yeah, the side effects really sucks. it should be taken within five days after unprotected sex. Mercury Drug has been offering an online ordering system since 2003. Taking melatonin by mouth together with conventional medications might reduce the growth of prostate cancer. Okay so I found time to update this old post since there so many anonymous questions. Mercury Drug is the leading trusted and caring drugstore in the Philippines. I'M GOING IN SANE! Do not take anymore pills after the second dose, itago nalang yung mga natira. Magdasal nalang tayo at ipagdasal na rin natin ang RH bill. Hi all, thanks for the responses!I trust nordette naman kasi this is the 2nd time na ginamit ko sya na nagcum ung bf ko sa loob (pero 3rd take na all in all). thanks for your replies, i have took it na kaninang 1:27 ng mdaling araw at pang 12th hour na yung kninang tanghali same time. my last day of period was 8th of december. is this effective??? I'm not really sure if Depotrust has started its effectivity. Does it mean im NOT pregnant? (Natatakot ako bumili). or maybe the nordette just delayed my ovulation and now that the nordette's effect has worn off, maybe i just ovulated. Thanks. so, back to uno.. Isang pill pa nga na take q pero parang pinagsakluban na aq ng langit at lupa sa sobrang hilo at masakit din ang ulo q.. Is it effective to take 4 pills at the same time? is morning after pill available in philippines?if yes ,wer can i buy and how many? hi.. don't overdose yourself with may experience adverse effect of nordette. I'm kinda confused. is it okay? You said take your 4-round pills on the first 24hours after sex. If you live in the Philippines where is the neares... How much to send documents from Philippines via dh... International Schools in the Philippines - Part 1. But I couldn't handle the nausea anymore. Whew! hi i'm Gerry, i know it looks ridiculous that i am here posting a comment but just want to ask a question as a responsible boyfriend, here's my story.last week me and my girlfriend were at a vacation at my province, and we were on the mood that time and when i have to do the deed i remembered that she was fertile(counted using calendar method), but sadly i don't have a condom with me that time (stupid of me forgot to bring one) and isn't available at our town.. so i have to stop and she understand that it's for her own good since we're not ready to have a baby. Pati side effects pareho. 2001-SEP-21: CA: Morning after pills to be more accessible: Currently, emergency contraception medication requires a woman to get a prescription from a physician. please help and answer this post.thanks, hello please answer.I forgot to take the 2nd dose of nordette on the 12th hour, but I took it as soon as I remembered it. sana, sana, now na. Nung una red and brown pero naging brown discharge lang siya eventually. At least now eh alam na natin and MUST BE VERY CAREFUL NEXT TIME. mag pa inject kayo para hassle free every 3 months or mag contraceptives.. yun lang.. if you guys have questions its better to contact me at my facebook account. Taking melatonin by mouth together with conventional medications might reduce the growth of prostate cancer. I'm not so sure if it would still be that effective kung hindi nyo sinunod ung dosage instructions. the day after i bought nordette at mercury drug for P160 (just act normal dont be shy cuz its their job theyre used to it). the last two are the cheapest pills you can get from any drugstore.within 72hours after unsafe sex, take pills 1-4 (see the back of the blister pack for the numbers). So ibig sabihin ba nito out of pregnancy risk na tayo? so yea, i wont tell my bf yet. Where to find a list of Philippine Manufacturers or Exporters? Other than that, I didn't feel anything uncomfortable since, the changes I can think of is I ate more the regular amount of food I eat. Hi tanong lang po.. nagtake ako nordette 4 days after unprotected sex.. pang 2 days ko na po ito after taking nordette.. always masakit puson ko normal lang po ba ito? October 17, her ovulation day fell on the 20th. Nakakapraning nga eh, pero dapat labanan kasi nakakadagdag sa delay ang stress. Was it before or during ovulation? pls reply asapbtw. Where to Buy, Sell or Exchange Sodexho Gift Checks in the Philippines? thank you again..... can i ask, what is the effect of taking nordette tablet often. please i need your answer plsssss, Ma'am Madhatter please help me.I have the same problem as Farah. Pero its better to consult your OB. first madhatter salamat sa blog na ito.. hello i have a girlfriend and we DO around 5:00pm yesterday(feb 10).. we had to make sure so i bought up nordette in mercury outlet near our residence venue.. its almost 19hrs now and she did not intake it yet because she had schooling. b4 we sex..tnx sa magrereply :], hello this is gina again... as i posted earlier, my bf and i had an accident during intercourse, and it was really hard to get info about morning after pills. All I know is that his penis is near my vagina and that sperms can swim. We are just waiting to have her bleeding nakagamit na, after bleeding wala na ba talaga un? Where can we buy nordete and morning after pills here in the philippines? Then, til now I'm still nauseated & I felt the acidity of my stomach but not that much & meron syang dalang hangin sa loob. to madhatter, i am the anonymous who posted last oct.1.. thanks for the tip. good day, I'm Mika. TY. un lang po ba iinumin? "THANK YOU FOR MAKING THIS BLOG!!! withdrawal sya at every ano umiihi ako para malabas ko ung iba. pang 8days ko na po to after ng unprotected sex na ngyari po sken.. Sana talaga tumalab super paranoid na ako sa Jan 19or 22 po ang expected period ko po.. pwede na kaya ako magPT? Shift-work sleep disorder 200 mg daily as single dose approx 1 hour prior to start of work shift. i was 2weeks ahead coz i'm expecting it oct.16 since i have a regular cycle. Hello po. agnes here!thanks so much for this post! . hello po.... ng take po ako ng nordette jan 7. pls fedbak wud be gladly appreciated. ARGGGHH. Use this drug for a condition that is listed in this section only if it has been so prescribed by your health care professional. well bcos. please reply as soon as you read this. Nordette is available in Mercury drugstore nationwide Davao included :)So for those who tried Nordette, did the ECP work for you? . :(, i think you'll take the second pill after 12 hours after you took the first pill. Hi. We have had trouble viewing the Mercury site. UMiNOM AKO NAN NORDETTE AROUND 8PM. It works different for everyone, not every girl has the same plumbing eh, may konti tayung pinagkakaiba at iba't-iba ang cycles natin. it should be taken within 3 days (72 hours), do you know how to contact the author of this blog? The instructions on it says i should take it after menstruation. Im not an expert, yes its not safe to have sex during your period. It may not have induced enough hormones to prevent pregnancy. Last month lang po nangyari yun. I'm hoping its just delayed because of the fact that I took it TWICE in two weeks. i waited for saturday, the 7th day but nothing happened. i mean 2 pills in the morning aftr an unsafe sex last night? nkkramdam na kasi ako ng side effects like pagkahilo, how long will it last po ba? thanks! In my case, it lasted for 3 days, it's fresh and it's moderate in quantity. 2nd take ko naman nagcum lang sya near the vaginal area. I used nordette last month, i'm a regular 32 day cycled. Expect to get your menstrual period within 3 weeks after taking the pill. Just wait for your muna. IT'S NOT EMERGENCY OR MORNING AFTER PILL. You're going to give your kidneys a hard time anubeh :(How to take the ECP:Nordette - 1st Dose of 4 pills take within 120 hours of intercourse then the 2nd Dose of 4 orange pills take 12 hours after 1st dose.After that you should NOT take anymore nordette (hindi po niyo uubusin ang banig or pill pack) Salamat sa mga nag share, since most have the same questions, ill try to answer some of them... Panu pagnasuka ka should you take nordette? not ready yet to get pregy so i went to the dr and i discussed her about this after pills (as i heard this before in the US) but this dr i wnet to she dont have clue...thanks the lord i found this site... im here in cebu and we have friendly care hope the nordette is available... anyone knows ??? You can take Ella up to 120 hours (five days) after unprotected sex, and it works just as well on Day 5 as it does on Day 1. Praying :), After ko po ba magkaroon after following the right procedure magiging normal na po ba yung mens ko ulit or magiging irreg na ako? we had safe sex, used condom, but unfortunately.. the condom broke. i guess after 11days babalik ung period mo. So it's about... 38 days since my last mens, I'm not sure kung effect pa rin ng Nordette since nadisturb ang regular cycle ko but just sharing. 4 pills pag tapos ng sex at 4 uli after 12 hours? I'm still on the 6th day and by tummy is now so huge. btw visit this website if you're unsure about nordette or other ECP's I still have my period right you think there's a chance of me getting pregnant?or im just really paranoid?? sa isang araw parang 3 tao ang ngtetext sa akin about nordette :)to those who have concerns about nordette, active pa rin po yung number na pinost ko, and i am still answering the questions thru TEXT LANG immediately after ive read it,.by the way, effective po tlga ang nordette.. na.prove ko na 3 times personally... and many times thru the texters with concern about it and was able to have their happiest red day =)094862336462danarelle, Danarelle: Thank you, naliliwanagan na ko. I had unprotected sex with my boyfriend so I took 4tabs of nordette after..the problem is i took the 2nd dose 4hours it still effective?? before, hindi naman ganito. My period was supposed to arrive on the same day i took nordette, but now 5th day na wala parin my period. I TOOK 4 PILLS ABOUT 5 HOURS AFTER WE HAD SEX...AND ANOTHER 4 PILLS AFTER 12 HOURS...BUT BECAUSE I'M SO WORRIED AND I WANTED IT TO BE 100% EFFECTIVE, I CONSUMED 20 OF IT (I STILL TOOK 4 PILLS EVERY AFTER 12 HOURS AFTER THE TWO 4-PILL INTAKE).. UNTIL NOW I STILL DON'T HAVE MY PERIOD..I AM NOT SURE IF MY LAST PERIOD WAS SEPT 24. The first time was back in October, and after 12 days, she had her withdrawal bleeding. i have too many things that would be lost if i get pregnant now. But im sure that i already had stretchy discharge the first time. @Sarah - personally I do not like the side effect of the ECP, I cannot stand the nausea so I don't take it unless I have doubts. it worked. :( jf here again. And i really had to take nordette that time to cover up within 72hours..please have an advice or comment on this..thanks, I took the pill 17hours or 137 hours (I don't know which was the first) after some penile penetration. Ano gagawin ko??? pls reply! Thanks a bunch everyone!!! For more updates, you may visit their Facebook page. Individualized dose. i was expecting it sa 25 huhuhuim gonna buy a PT tomorrow, para i.check ko na lng if positive or neg.pls pray for me na negative :(((good luck na lng sa lahat. ung friend ko kasi matindi na pangangailangan. As per instruction kase sa taas ng blog na ito you should take nordette within 72 hours of unprotected sex. ?If walang nangyaring effect do i need to take more??? I took Nordette on Jan 9 and 10. Kinda depressing kasi feeling mo nauubos na dugo mo. Hi!! Mercury Drug is the leading trusted and caring drugstore in the Philippines. Combined emergency contraceptive pills ("morning after pills") contain two types of hormones, estrogen and progestin, which are commonly found in daily oral contraceptives. My menstruation ended Mar.8 tas ngayon, yun nga po my bleeding ako (mejo mrami po ung amount at red in color). Where can I have my Pants or Clothes repaired or adjusted in the Philippines? dpat 1 ko tlga iinomin. It was only a week after my 1st menstrual day so i did not expect that. ?too shy to ask :((, guiys im peanut..we had our 1st sex last wednesday.but. Can I buy that nordette even without the prescription of doctor or what? Any recommendations on which to take? Do u have an RH advocacy site I could link to? then up to now, 15 days later i took the pill, i didn't yet have my period but got some discharges. So mejo delikado na if ever.Will be taking Nordette in a few minutes. im only 17, is it okay? can i intake this kahit di pa nakainAside 8 tablets lang tlaga ang icoconsume sa 21 tablets na un?? And regarding withdrawal bleeding, confusing nya no? thanks. It also contains hormone that thickens the cervical mucus, thus blocking the sperm and preventing pregnancy. is it safe for a 17 year old to take the pill? i stopped taking it or finished the pack by september 4. i had my period by september 8. then i resumed taking the pills on septemeber 18. I still don't have my period by now :( do you think it's because i overdone nordette? Please. he didn't cum inside me. It wouldn't let me sleep AT ALL through the night. IM SUPER FREAKING OUT NA PO KASI! So yun, similar tayo I guess. Is this just an effect of the pill? I'm worried cause I did not feel any pain in my abdomen which I should be experiencing if I am nearing my cycle coz I am those unlucky people who experience primary dysmenorrhea. Now, sa sobrang ka praningan ko, what I did is I took 8 pills of Nordette for each day that we had sex, 1st dose is 4 pills then the second dose after 12 hours is 4 pills.. 3 days X 8 pills = 24 pills.. ano na po mangyari sa akin ngaun? If I take Nordette later today, will I get menstrual period again this month? ma'am just to shorten my question kelan ko malalaman kung effective nga yung gamot? Where to Buy a Boat in the Philippines? Whats the difference between nordette generic and nordette 28? :)Uhmm, when we did the deed, it was the first day ng ovulation niya eh. Anne Here..Me and bf had unprotected sex last Nov 7.. Prostate cancer. I have tried it three times. It's an over-the-counter drug, which means that you can buy it without prescription. The effects of Nordette varies on girls. 4 pills on the first dosage, and another 4 after 12 hours. hello, I was wondering if anybody would know the possible side effects of taking nordette during early pregnancy?I missed my period and I still took nordette... Is it safe to take nordette after having sex 4 days after period?di ba sabi nila dadatnan ka daw after a week. Same procedure, apat-apat. I took it yesterday @ 7pm. here's my question, when should we expect her mens ?? Hi there ladies,My boyfriend and I had unprotected sex last October 27th. See HERE for a list of drug prices for for a few drugs we use. then i got here. hi i gave birth 8 weeks/2months not breastfeeding that's why i got my period this oct19,2010.then my bf and i had an unprotected sex on oct28, afraid im pregnant.can i still drink ecp?or nordette?pls help.thanks! i will take nordette mmyang 1 am. Hello ladies help me, nun jan12-14 may nangyari samin ng bf ko and im fertile during those days at unsafe kami. 1 hour and 30 mins late. I'm afraid to buy it. then took the 2nd dose after 12 hours, 4 pills 7:30am. ang problem uminom ako kgabe after kong intake ung 1st dose, it dat okey? but you can use ordinary pills as EC. :( --V. U can take nordette naman siguro. Hi sir. hello guys,shin here.Wow, i never heard of this thing not until now, i also have same doubt as anybody here.I have few questions..1. I thank God and magbebehave na ako! @Anonymous Oct 26 - thanks for sharing and for being really patient. So I took Nordette 11 hours after having sex (4 pills for the first dose and the another 4 pills 12 hours after). i just went through all the comments. Hi ako ulit. help! hindi lang siya makabili nahihiya. thank you very much ladies. Is it the effect of the drug? wait nyo po na if tuloy2 na ang bleeding kasi a brown discharge cud also be implantation bleeding..but in ur case that's withdrawal bleeding which means nordette worked and ur not pregnant =). By the way, kaka cr ko lang ulit...nagiging red na sya.Kelan ba 1st day ng last period mo? isipin mo nalang issacrifice mo yung energy mo bukas para sa araw na yun. It's my 32nd day now (3rd day since I took Nordette) and I still don't have my period. I took Nordette last Jan.24 around 4pm, and I follow the ideal procedure of taking it. Pills are now available at 40 pharmacies in the Toronto area. With protection of course, pero worried lang. hi... tanung ko lng po paano gumamit ng pills na nordette? Pls.someone tell me if it will stll work on the 8th day????? three weeks? hi gud eve, we had sex with my bf last nov 9 around 6am, i bought nordete bt it cums with white pills 21 tablets, manufactured by phyzer, i tok 4 pills around 10pm, din the nxt dose 10am, my question is , did i bought the right nordete? From time to time may headache ako. I had with my bf last dec.30.. Gusto nya n dw kasi mabuntis ako.. pero ako ayoko pa. I am not well-educated about this so hindi ko talaga alam ang fertility, ovulation thing. Natatakot lang ako kasi baka may ilang drops sa loob. this is my first time to take nordette. Will the nordette still work on the 4th day? So happy to share that I got my period this morning! @lucy..yeah you can buy it even without a doctors prescription.. and my guy had sex yesterday (Nov.6 at around 5pm)...we consumed two condoms then we had our third round without any protection. i am worried. We just waited and it was still effective despite of being taken the second 4 late. It's confusing me. the next problem i have was, when will be my next period?since my whole cycle is already a mess. Then digital perms are the treatment that ... Digital perms are very popular especially in Asia where people have naturally straight hair.

Caterpillar Dpf Delete Kit, Joe Jackson Age, Inside The Human Body The Mitochondria, Weather In Germany In October 2018, Statement Of The Problem About Factors Affecting Academic Performance, Chalk Pastels Target,


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