With baby boomers approaching the golden years, there is an increased demand to stay comfortable in their homes instead of being moved to a nursing home. In fact, a recent AARP survey found that 88% of respondents (all of whom were 50 years or older) claimed that it was extremely important to have services that allowed for them to “comfortably age in place” without leaving their place. If you or a loved one are interested in staying home, contact NYC Handyman.

We can come to your home and perform various tasks and modifications that make it possible for you to stay comfortably in your home. Just some of the tasks that we perform include:


  • Installation of guard and hand rails
  • Assembly of more suitable furniture
  • Widening of the doorways
  • Raising of the toilet seats
  • Installation of grab bars
  • Installing brand new shower heads
  • Enhancing the lighting fixtures
  • Replacing cabinet and door handles
  • Moving light switches and electrical plugs
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